Monthly Archive: February 2021


Hebrew fragment from Australia

Hebrew books within books often are found in the most surprising places and often reveal much more than their small size may indicate.  At times, full pages are revealed, within the bindings of early printed books; at other times only a tiny fragment is visible.   This month’s fragment is devoted to a stellar example of the latter. While working on the collection of Hebrew manuscripts and early printed books...


Fragmented Readings

“Manifesto mutilatum” (Bergk); “of course not a fragment”. (Wilamowitz); Page (1981), 295.Anne Carson It is well known that, in 1950, Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno attributed to Walter Benjamin the project of writing a book made of quotations only, as if, one is tempted to add, anything else would be feasible. We are so familiar with the post-modern idea that fragments of a supposed original are the only given form...


Books within Books the Magazine

We are proud to launch today the “Books within Books Magazine”, the bulletin of the “Books within Books project”[1]. It will provide monthly reports on the most exciting recent discoveries on fragments of medieval Hebrew manuscripts found in book bindings, as well as news of the project and relevant activities. Since 2009, a group of scholars from across Europe and beyond have joined their efforts to save from oblivion...

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